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The Best Foods to Eat When Suffering Stomach Ulcers

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Foods to Eat

A peptic, gastric, or simply stomach ulcer is no trivial matter. Stomach ulcers represent damage to the lining of the stomach and are the source of a number of symptoms, most commonly chronic pain. As with many conditions that cause chronic pain, diet isvery often recommended as one of the things to get right when trying to do something about it. There are many different causes of stomach ulcers, and the symptoms can be experienced in a truly diverse number of ways. Nevertheless, one of the things a doctor will do for a patient is advise on a dietary plan.

A stomach ulcer can manifest in many different stages, ranging in severity. An ulcer is always exacerbated by excess acid the stomach, and therefore it is normally treated with acid suppressors. Acid related stomach trouble is in fact very common, causing issues even when there is no stomach ulcer. Accordingly, much of the dietary advice offered to ulcer sufferers applies just as well to anyone suffering from an upset stomach. In other words, there are certainly foods that can be generally considered good for the stomach.

Ulcer-Friendly Diet

It should be noted that dietary recommendations are rarely used alone to treat stomach ulcers – especially in more serious cases. There are also acid-suppressing medication and antibiotics that can be used in tandem. Nevertheless, with milder cases (and just to promote general stomach comfort) there are in fact many foods that can be typically recommended. As you will notice, they are spread across different food groups too, and incorporating any of them into a well-balanced daily diet is entirely possible.

Some specific health products are also much recommended for dealing with stomach ulcers and stomach discomfort. Many remedies for stomach pain exist over the counter as well. Synergy Science, a health foods company specializing in hydrogen water and EMF reducing devices, say that only the most severe conditions require prescribed drugs, and many of the symptoms of a stomach ulcer can be treated with innovative new products. Chronic pain, for example, is well known to be one of the things that can be managed with the help of hydrogen water.

Top Stomach-Soothing Foods

Here follows then some of the top stomach-soothing foods, all of which may helpthose with all forms of the condition:


Honey could rankat the top for substances you should work into your diet if you suffer stomach trouble or ulcers. Not only can it be consumed in a variety of ways and with all sorts of foods, but it helps to soothe the stomach by actually fighting the bacteria that can often cause stomach problems.


And also Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and kale. These foods are nutritious, easy on the stomach and have some of the bacteria-fighting properties mentioned above. And the studies prove that these types of greens have a marked effect on the symptoms of stomach trouble when eaten over time.


Scientists think that it could be glutamine, an amino acid that is abundant in cabbage, which gives it its ulcer-soothing properties. Glutamine can help fortify the mucosal lining of the gut and it improves blood flow, which can promote ulcer healing.


Specifically,the yoghurt that contains active bacteria cultures. These good bacteria can promote general stomach health, including encouraging the healing of existing ulcers. Again, there have been large studies undertaken to validate the effectiveness of fermented milk products.

Ultimately, tackling a chronic problem requires a holistic and long-term approach. Nevertheless, for stomach issues, diet can make up a very large part of the process.

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