June 20, 2024

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Gym at home: how to make your personal gym

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This article is for anyone who prefers to achieve their fitness goals at home rather than in the gym. If space and budget are key issues, you can use accessories that are small in size but have great potential. If, on the other hand, dimensions are not an issue, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to fitness equipment. So what are the must-have pieces of equipment when it comes to creating a home gym?

Home gym essentials

Before talking about specific equipment, let’s go back. Many people confuse “physical activity” and “exercise” but they are two very distinct concepts: the first means any form of movement while the second implies a more structured activity carried out with a specific goal. If you want to lose weight, sculpt your abs, and generally be in good shape, target the right exercise to do.
Generally speaking, the benefits of cardio are reduction in fat mass (associated with a correct diet), blood pressure
Strength training contributes to the general functioning of the body and improves posture. In addition, muscles are very important shock absorbers capable of absorbing tension while protecting the skeletal and joint systems against possible trauma. The benefits will also affect the cardiac system and peripheral blood circulation.training session therefore includes an appropriate mix of these three types of activity: moderate and vigorous aerobic exercise should be done a minimum of 5 times per week, resistance exercise 2 to 3 times and flexibility exercise almost every day. After this overview of the benefits of the ideal training, let’s see what are the right tools to create

Safety : the product must be reliable and easy to use for users of all levels, whether beginners or experienced;
Robustness : if you want to do your exercises comfortably without experiencing discomfort in the joints, the equipment must be robust and stable while having a silent and fluid movement;

As far as muscle toning is concerned, the market offer is very wide and ranges from sophisticated multifunctional equipment to the most essential benches on which to train with dumbbells and bars. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to perform strength exercises on machines that guide your movements, get you into good posture, and prevent you from making bad moves. With a little practice, you can move on to cable machines, which give you more freedom of movement, and free weights. Nevertheless, it is important that you follow the criteria below to select a device:

Palestra in casaThe right stretching equipment for the home gym

In addition to products suitable for “passive” and/or guided stretching, numerous free-loading accessories help you perform stretching exercises in complete safety with a touch of creativity and fun. What are the selection criteria between professional mats, rollers, balls to improve balance and coordination, medicine balls and elastic mats to improve muscle extension? To qualitatively and functionally assess these accessories, it should be ensured that:
products are made from odorless and neutral materials, developed with technologies that allow to continue using all functional properties even after many training cycles;

The digital home gym

For many people, staying in shape is a trend increasingly linked to Wellness on the go, i.e. the concept of pursuing your fitness and wellness goals wherever you are, using a dedicated equipment and different sports applications. Often, gym-goers also train at home and go for a bike session in the hills, because the concept of movement is a virtuous circle: the more you move, the more you want to move.
Today, special applications make it possible, for example, to reproduce an outdoor race indoors or to plan real challenges on the water or on an athletics track. Thanks to these training programs accessible from any device, we can train at home as if we were followed by a real personal trainer. In this way, we are sure to perform “the right exercise at the right time” and to achieve our wellness objectives thanks to the videos, chats and digital services at our disposal.

The choice is yours: at home, in the gym or outdoors. With equipment or in free charge, in silence or to the rhythm of your music, alone or surrounded by a motivating group. It doesn’t matter where and how, the important thing is to move because movement is synonymous with health and life.

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