June 20, 2024

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Shoulder pain: 4 tips to relieve yourself

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tips to relieve yourself

The shoulder is a highly stressed and very fragile joint. Our solutions to prevent pain and maintain your mobility as much as possible. A violent pain in your shoulder as soon as you want to grab an object in height or when you put your arm in the sleeve of your jacket? “With its five different joints and a whole set of tendons, ligaments and muscles, the shoulder is a precision machine that seizes easily”, explains Professor François Rannou, rheumatologist and rehabilitation doctor at Cochin Hospital, in Paris. In 80% of cases, these pains are due to tendinitis . “But dislocation, adhesive capsulitis, inflammation of the membrane that surrounds the joint or osteoarthritis can also be involved.”, warns Professor Rannou. If age is a risk factor, these pains occur more frequently from the age of 55 and certain professional activities (painters, masons, cashiers, etc.) or high-level sports (climbing, bodybuilding and tennis in mind) are more exposed to these ailments. Whatever their origin, do not take them lightly because they can lead to chronic pain that is very debilitating on a daily basis. Fortunately, there are many solutions to prevent them.

• 1) I adopt the right gestures on a daily basis

Good reflexes will allow you to spare your shoulder . If putting on a blouse or coat causes you severe pain, you will limit it by dressing the painful side first, which saves you from having to contort your sensitive arm. To undress, on the other hand, start with your valid shoulder and end with the one that makes you suffer. To avoid pain at night, it is better to sleep on your back or on the opposite side. If necessary, place a pillow under your aching arm, a tip to avoid tension when you wake up.

• 2) I practice strengthening exercises

You will keep these ailments at bay by regularly practicing these two exercises recommended by Alexandra Roren, masseur-physiotherapist at Cochin Hospital.

– Sitting on a chair with your back straight, put a rubber band or tie a scarf around your wrists. Keeping your elbows well glued to the body, try to spread your forearms by fighting against the resistance of the link.

-Hold the position for 6 seconds, then release.


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• 3) I stretch before and after exercise

Have you planned a game of tennis, some gardening or DIY? No need to deprive yourself of these good times! But to avoid pain at the end of the day, it is important to prepare your shoulder for the effort.

– For a minute perform shrugs: first both together, then one after the other. Then roll them slowly, 5 times forward, then 5 times backward. Your activity finished, relax your joint. “Stand facing a shelf, lean forward, one arm bent resting on the piece of furniture, your head resting on your forearm. Let your sore arm hang down to the floor then perform small rotations in one direction then in the other for 2 minutes”, recommends the physiotherapist.

• 4) I consume more omega 3

These essential fatty acids have, according to numerous studies, effective anti-inflammatory properties to prevent pain and maintain the flexibility of your joint. Do not hesitate to enrich your diet. You will find them in vegetable oils (linseed, rapeseed and walnuts), at the rate of a tablespoon on your raw vegetables, a dish of fish or pasta, as well as in fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines …) to consume twice a week.

At breakfast or as a snack, bite into a dozen nuts, sources of these precious omega 3s. And, every day, drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water: hydration promotes the elimination of waste which , accumulated, make the bed of inflammations.

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