July 13, 2024

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6 Benefits to Operating an Onsite Health Clinic for Workers

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Health Clinic for Workers

In an attempt to develop better corporate wellness programs for workers, some employers are seriously considering operating onsite health clinics. The thinking is that bringing healthcare services to the workplace mitigates some of the need for employees to leave work for that same care.

Needless to say, there is no shortage of options for employee benefits that promote wellness. From gym memberships to nutritional advice and mental health counseling, opportunities to promote wellness among employees abound. Does that mean an onsite health clinic would be a bad move? Absolutely not.

CSI Health is a health kiosk manufacturing company that specializes in designing and implementing telemedicine solutions. One of their priorities right now is helping companies establish onsite health clinics featuring medical kiosks, diagnostic health screening, and other services. They suggest the following six benefits to operating an onsite health clinic for workers:

1. Reducing Emergency Room Visits

Emergency room visits are arguably one of the biggest contributors to high employer medical costs. Reduce their frequency and healthcare costs are easier to contain. Moreover, operating an onsite health clinic can reduce ER visits by providing both emergency care and preventative medicine.

2. Encourage Preventative Medicine

Speaking of preventative medicine, an onsite clinic is the perfect tool for promoting it. Encouraging preventative care controls healthcare costs in the long run by addressing minor issues before they become major problems.

3. Control Prescription Costs

Operating an onsite healthcare clinic gives companies some measure of control over prescription medications. Practically speaking, this would open the door to mandating generic drugs when applicable. Generic drugs cost less in nearly every case.

4. Reduce Absentee Rates

Employee absenteeism is a challenge for many companies. However, absentee rates can be better managed with an onsite healthcare clinic. How so? By increasing employee access to primary care delivery. Because they do not have to leave the office and commute to and from the doctor’s office, they spend less time away from work when they need care.

Another angle to look at here is the link between preventative medicine and reduced absenteeism. Encouraging preventative medicine through an onsite clinic theoretically keeps employees healthier, thereby reducing the amount of time they miss work due to illness.

5. Help Employees Return Faster

There are times when injuries and illnesses keep employees away from work for an extended amount of time. But offering care through an onsite clinic can help some of those employees return to work faster.

This does not necessarily mean injured or ill workers need to travel to the onsite clinic for care. With the use of telemedicine solutions, routine consultations can take place remotely. The convenience factor of telemedicine adds a lot.

6. Integration with Other Wellness Programs

Rounding things out is the ability to integrate an onsite clinic with a company’s other wellness programs. As an example, the nutritionist hired by a company to help employees eat better can be moved out of that faraway office and into the health clinic. They will enjoy greater visibility and probably have the opportunity to work with more employees.

An onsite health clinic can focus primarily on first aid and emergency services. It can offer primary care. It can even supplement primary care through telemedicine services that allow employees to connect with their doctors right from the office. The point is that there are lots of possibilities.

With corporate wellness being such a high priority right now, operating an onsite health care clinic is undoubtedly a good move for many companies. Expect to see more of them popping up in the coming months and years.

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