May 29, 2024

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Each year, hundreds of thousands of hectares of crops are chemically treated without necessity, while 86% of Quebecers say they are concerned about the presence of pesticides in their food.

The challenge today is to adopt other agricultural methods in order to limit the use of pesticides.

What is a pesticide?

Pesticides have harmful effects on the environment beyond their area of ​​use. For example, bees and other pollinating insects in general are greatly affected by the effects of pesticides. Pesticides used in fields can find their way into river water through rainwater and harm other animal species.The main difference is that organic farming is a commitment of means . This means that when vegetables are grown, only substances and techniques authorized by the standards in force may be used.

For organic vegetables, we have the guarantee that no pesticides were used during their production and that they can therefore be free of any residue; however, it may still end up in the final product.

How? ‘Or’ What? For example, if the vegetables are grown on an agricultural plot that previously used pesticides, or if some pesticides end up in the water used to water the fields. In these cases, despite the desire not to use pesticides during cultivation, the vegetables can potentially contain them.

The claim “tested for pesticide residues” is a commitment to results . That is to say that, at the end of production, thanks to analyses, we have products free of quantifiable residues of more than 300 sought-after chemical molecules.

Why a range of vegetables “tested for pesticide residues”?

Arctic Gardens is a brand of the Bonduelle group, a family business created more than 150 years ago. Bonduelle’s vision favors social and environmental responsibility. This new range is part of a sustainable agriculture and sustainable development approach, and our desire to offer you the best of our vegetables and to promote good living through plant-based foods.

How is Bonduelle committed to the planet?

Bonduelle is committed to concrete and measurable actions to increase the place of plant-based foods in everyone’s diet. The company is in the B. Corp certification stage .

Among other things, Bonduelle is committed to supporting responsible agriculture, everywhere in the world, and to seeking new ways to grow, prepare and sell our products every day. Our first agronomic charter was created in 1996!

The company also works every day to make plant-based food accessible to all and to promote tasty and healthier food. Finally, we want to make our economic and social impact positive for our employees and our communities.

But how can we do without pesticides in agriculture?

There are many solutions to reduce or even avoid the use of pesticides in agriculture. For example, it is possible to use parasitoid insects.  Traps to limit the spread of pest species can also be used. It is also possible to use mechanical substitutes for pesticides, such as mechanical weeding and anti-insect nets, to plant less densely or to resort to more resistant varieties.

Concretely, what is the process for growing a range tested for pesticide residues?
The process tested for pesticide residues begins long before the seed is planted: it begins with the selection of the plot. Here is the agricultural process of our new range:

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