July 13, 2024

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The best accessories for home fitness

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The best accessories for home fitness

Since this mode of confinement, all sports halls have started to continuously disinfect everything that could be in contact and to allow all these members to wash their hands as regularly as possible.

The most recent effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus is social distancing. Several companies have asked their employees to work from home, especially in large urban centers. Whether or not this has affected you personally, if you go to the gym regularly, you will wonder:

Well, now what? How am I supposed to do the workouts I’m used to without going to the gym since all the gyms are closed while the cases of contamination are almost nil among the practitioners, not to mention the number of deaths due to contaminations which must more akin to zero than to the risk of a major pandemic.

All of this no longer has any interest now since, failing to think about the well-being of the general population, our rulers prefer to take refuge in COVID consumption by offering free tests (without any medical protocol afterwards) and wearing a mask. widespread outside which is only useful to muzzle the population but has no scientific and health basis.

In short, what’s done is done… let’s hope that the critical spirit of our fellow citizens will force our elites to quickly rethink how to deal with this crisis, hoping that it’s not too late, unfortunately, as the damage done is already significant!

Back to the point of this article and luckily there are plenty of workout products you can order to make the next few weeks as active as possible.

We’ve rounded up 12 of the most useful home workout articles for your home sports coaching. If you’re one of those people who likes the idea of ​​being active even if you can’t leave the house, then these choices are for you.

1) Body-Solid Elastic Resistance Tube (from 12€ on nutriwellness.fr )

Light, practical, inexpensive and easy to store, the Elastic Resistance Tubes are an ideal supplement and/or a good alternative to more traditional weights and dumbbells.

These super lightweight resistance tubes can not only be used to build arm or leg muscles through resistance, but are also great for stretching. Do you have a trip planned? These will not add more than a few grams to your hand luggage.

2) Bodytrading Push Up Duo (€19; nutriwellness.fr )

Once you’ve transitioned from a novice to a seasoned workout enthusiast, you’ll need to improve your workouts so your progress doesn’t stall.

A simple and effective way to add more difficulty is to use Push Up Duos. Small in size and lightweight, push up bars are one of the best and easiest ways to strengthen your upper body.

These push up bars are very practical and relieve the stress on the wrists while lengthening the push-up work and therefore the muscle. They are also very practical for reverse push-ups.

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