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Great Dental Story Books for Kids

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Great Dental Story

Oral health is an indicator of overall health and well-being. It is a multifaceted aspect that includes how we speak, smile, chew, swallow, taste, and express emotions through facial expressions. Insufficient oral health has adverse consequences on children and the entire family. Therefore, adopting proper oral health from a young age is crucial. Childhood practices determine how a person practices oral health in adulthood.

Since children are unaware of these practices, they heavily depend on their parents and guardians to teach them. That means the children might suffer if the parent or guardian does not know enough about oral health. Fortunately, various tools have come up to teach children about oral health and dental visits. Such, like story books, are helping children overcome dental anxiety. As a parent, these books can also help you in establishing good dental habits in your kids. Here are five storybooks for kids about oral health and why they should not fear when visiting a dentist.

1. Here Comes the Tooth Fairy Cat

This storybook is about the adventures of a cat and a mouse while doing fairy’s errands. When the cat loses its tooth, the Tooth Fairy sends a mouse as the sidekick to run these errands. Humor rises as the mouse becomes more naughty and funny. This story book leaves readers wanting to read more about the adventures.

2. Charming Opal

On the part of Toot and Puddle, it is summertime, and Toot and Puddle have a cousin who visits them at Woodcock Pocket. The cousin discovers their tooth is loose. Opal puts the tooth under a pillow, hoping the tooth fairy will pick the tooth and leave a shiny penny. Puddle fears their cousin will get disappointed if the tooth fairy doesn’t show up. So, Puddle puts on a costume.

3. Silverlicious

This is one of the best books for beginners in this subject, illustrating how Pinkalicious lost her sweet tooth. Her candy never tasted sweet again. She wrote a short note to the tooth fairy with her pen and put it under the pillow. The tooth fairy works magic and shows Pinkalicious the origin of the sweetness. Silverlicious is a good story book, especially for children about to begin shedding their teeth.

4. Brianna the Tooth Fairy

The story book is about a tooth fairy called Brianna. When Icy Jack has a bad toothache, he decides to steal Brianna’s magic, and now Brianna cannot do her job. Kirsty and Rachel lose their teeth, wait for Brianna to do her magic, and leave treats under the pillow. Brianna shows up, not to bring treats but to ask for their help to regain her magic. This story allows kids to see how magical a tooth fairy can be.

5. Tooth Trouble

This story book is about Freddy Thresher, who hasn’t lost a tooth. Written by an elementary teacher, the book illustrates the extent to which Freddy is willing to go to lose a tooth. Why? Freddy is the only first grader who has not lost a tooth. His name is not on the Big Tooth.


These great story books can help your kid overcome dental anxiety and improve their knowledge of oral health. Oral health education for parents and children is crucial to ensure the application of health practices in children.

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