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Blood Alcohol Concentration Levels and Their Effects on The Brain and Body Cells

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Blood Alcohol Concentration

As the name says, Blood Alcohol Calculation (BAC) is the calculator that is used to check the alcohol content that is present in a person’s body. The amount of alcohol in your blood will determine your decision-making skills at the moment, and hence it is the calculator to understand whether you are capable of driving after having some alcohol. The limit in blood alcohol levels in all countries is about 0.08.

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How is BAC Calculated

The 100ml blood sample that is drawn from a person is subjected to the testing for BAC. When calculated for mg/ml of alcohol present in the body, the result should not exceed more than 0.15. The result of 0.08 is the minimum level, and if the person has more than 0.15 results from BAC, then that person is intoxicated with alcohol in their bloodstream.

BAC Results and Effects

  • 02% of BAC results cause loss in judgment and mood alterations.
  • 05% of BAC results cause exaggerated behavior, impaired judgment, inhibition release, and lowered alertness.
  • 08% of BAC results cause impaired judgment, poor muscle coordination, imbalance in speech, reaction time, balance, hearing, memory reasoning, and so on.
  • 10% of BAC results cause slurred speech, slow thinking capacity, poor coordination, and deterioration in the reaction time.
  • 15% of BAC causes vomiting, loss of balance, less control of the muscle, and finally liver damage.

The results of BAC can be calculated within 30 minutes to 70 minutes after the blood is drawn from the body of a patient.

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