June 20, 2024

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5 tips for keeping fit at home

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Who said confinement was incompatible with a minimum of physical activity? Taking care of your health and staying  in shape while staying at home is possible. A few tips to achieve this.

Walk as much as possible

First reflex to have: walk as much as possible . We do not necessarily realize it, but we take a good number of steps during a typical day: in transport, at work, during activities… When we are at home all day, this routine is obviously broken. However, you should try to maintain a minimum number of steps per day.

Obviously, not easy to set up when you don’t have a garden and/or a small accommodation. To achieve this, force yourself to stretch your legs for at least a few minutes every hour. When you call, stay up and take the opportunity to walk. If you have a staircase, this is the opportunity to take it at will!

Stretch regularly

At home all day, we tend to spend most of our time sitting and sometimes in bad positions. Hence the importance of remembering to stretch at least once a day . What part of the body to stretch? Mainly the back, which is often put to the test during sedentary days, but also the legs, the arms… You will gain in relaxation and flexibility!At home, there are many bodybuilding exercises that are easy to set up. The ideal: do a little every day, so as not to lose muscle mass or, on the contrary, to strengthen.muscle exercise ideas :Sheathing: front board, costal board, chair;
Even without being equipped, everyday objects can serve as equipment for your exercises! For example: bottle
To stay in shape, it is also important to do some physical exercise by doing cardio work . Again, this is possible without going outside, to the gym or to a sports class. Some exercises: running up and down stairs, doing knee raises, buttock heels or even dancing, everything is good to take. The key is to repeat the exercises several times to spend enough.

Get help from applications, coaching videos

Whatever activity you want to practice at home (gym, pilates, yoga, bodybuilding, cardio…), there are plenty of resources online , via apps or on TV to guide and motivate you! On the Internet, tutorials – which abound – can help you have a guideline and be sure to do the right things for an effective sports session.

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